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Below are links to articles and stories about living with HIV. Please feel free to send suggestions for contributions to this page. So, as we live on…

GWK_HIVDads-HR-800x640-695x556Positively Dads

anigif_enhanced-buzz-18304-1384963911-387 Common HIV Myths Debunked!

After more than 30 years, myths and misconceptions around the HIV/AIDS epidemic continue to persist. Let’s have some real talk on HIV!



Wondering what Obamacare means for someone with HIV? It might seem complicated, but this website is designed to help you learn more about your choices.



World Health Clinicians Launches Testing and Anti-Stigma Initiative, “HIV Equal”

instinct current_coverJack on the Instinct Soapbox: HIV stigma needs to end now

By Jack Mackenroth – instinct magazine, July 25, 2013

Designer-turned-activist Jack Mackenroth is never one to shy away from the media spotlight. But unlike basically any other reality star you could name, he’s actually doing some good with it! An outspoken HIV activist and educator, Jack’s taking over our Health, Fitness & Wellness Issue Soapbox and getting real on HIV stigma.


greg10 Amazing HIV-Positive Gay Men

schalchlinAids survivor warns of complacency over HIV

Produced by the BBC’s Matt Danzico and Anna Bressanin

In the above interview, songwriter, actor, musician, and blogger of Life in the Bonus Round, Steve Schalchlin continues to share with his candid and personal account of life in the dark ages of the ADIS epidemic, and also offers some compelling thoughts about why this important conversation needs to remain in the spotlight.

By JOHN LELAND Published: June 1, 2013 – New York Times
Drugs may have prevented people with H.I.V. from dying of AIDS, but even as they reach the once-unthinkable age of 50, their lives continue to be ravaged by the virus.



The ‘Undetectable’ Paradox 

By TYLER CURRY Published: May 24, 2013 –

To combat the spread of HIV, we need a way to talk honestly about what it means to be ‘undetectable.’

factsheets_pngSperm washing

by Selina Corkery
Published at January 10, 2013


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